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Inflammation is a part of the body’s defence mechanism against infections and diseases. The two types of inflammation – acute & chronic are closely related. While acute inflammation is more visible and easily identified as redness, pain, swelling during an injury; chronic inflammation is insidious, can lurk silently for decades and cause conditions like Diabetes, Arthritis, Cardiovascular events and cognitive decline. However, it’s possible to fight inflammation with the right blend of lifestyle modifications, healthy diet, weight control, regular exercise and stress reduction. The first step in fighting inflammation is detection
and measurement. This test measures the levels of CRP (a biomarker for acute inflammation) and AA/EPA (biomarker
for chronic inflammation).

Analytes measured

1) C-Reactive Protein

2) AA/EPA Ratio(Arachidonic acid/ Eicosapentaenoi acid ratio)

Sampling type

Finger Prick blood sample on DBS card ; Home2Lab test Kit



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What’s measured

Arachidonic acid (AA) and EPA are the starting point for the metabolism of pro-and-inflammatory compounds in the body. AA is a known an inflammation promoting agent and is often defined as the root cause of chronic inflammation. Higher the AA to EPA ratio, greater the likelihood of developing a chronic inflammatory disease in the future. The recommended optimal level of AA to EPA ratio is less than 3:1.

C-Reactive Protein or CRP is a protein produced primarily by the liver in response to inflammation. CRP has traditionally been used as a marker for infection and cardiovascular diseases. CRP is a non specific marker of inflammation and might be transiently elevated due to a recent infection, illness or trauma. It is recommended that you repeat the CRP test after a month if your levels are above 6mg/L.

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What is acute and chronic inflammation? What is CRP? What is AA/EPA Ratio? What will my test results tell me.

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