Lipomic Products Applauded and Appreciated at the 50th Annual Conference of Indian Dietetic Association (IDACON -2017)

Lipomic showcased its products and took part as an exhibitor in the 50th Annual Conference of Indian Dietetic Association (IDACON) organized by Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) from Dec 18 – 20, 2017 at Science City Kolkata, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

‘Let’s nourish to flourish nutrition for health and economic development’was the theme of this 50th Annual Conference of Indian Dietetic Association, Bengal Chapter. This conference was scheduled at Kolkata in between 18-20 December 2017. The main focus of this conference was to maintain the balance between ECONOMY & FOOD.
Lipomic participated as an exhibitor to showcase Lipomics’ health and wellness products. The products were- OMEGA HealthTest, OMEGA Boost Active Softgels, and Mom’s Milk DHA HealthTest. The event was a huge success where the products of Lipomic were appreciated and applauded by dietitians and food & nutrition experts from across the world.
The IDACON 2017 offered Lipomic a scope to meet and get associated with dietitians, experts, stalwarts and budding professional from various streams of food & nutrition. More than 200 people visited the stall in a span of three days. The visitors consisted of many renowned dietitians and nutritionists who showed remarkable interest in all the distinct products of Lipomic.

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